Acting Today With A Responsibility For Tomorrow

As we face unprecedented water scarcity and mounting environmental challenges, the need for proactive, long-term solutions is more important than ever. That is why, at Kurita, we incorporate sustainability into our business by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Watch our video to learn more on how Kurita addresses water and environmental issues-crucial to our planet- in our business activities.

A Daily Commitment at Kurita

Our parent company, Kurita Water Industries Ltd., is dedicated to conducting business every day in harmony with the environment. Kurita is committed to promoting lasting change in everything it does and incorporates conservation in its research and development as well as in its solutions for you, our customer. Learn more on the Kurita Group’s sustainability initiatives in Kurita’s Sustainability Report 2020.

Kurita Environment Education Month

Kurita America participates in the annual “Kurita Environment Month” to foster awareness among our team members of the environment and our impact on the world. This educational event calls for unique experiences of being environmentally aware. In the past, Kurita team members have been involved in projects like planting trees, eco-drives, nurturing/feeding wildlife, saving energy & water at home or work, reducing and separating waste, recycling and much more! Safeguarding the environment is a core value at Kurita America- we believe change starts with us.

For more information see Kurita’s General Provisions.

The Kurita Group’s Environmental Improvement Activities include initiatives to reduce internal water and energy use as well as waste emissions through managing the environmental impact of customers and the Kurita Group.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pave the way for a better and more sustainable future - see how Kurita Group’s priority themes are set out to conform with the United Nations SDGs.