Meet Our Team

At Kurita America, we believe that our people are our greatest asset.

Our employees have built the company into what it is today - an organization that values our customers and strives to find innovative and industry leading technology for better, more efficient solutions. Balancing the needs of our employees with those of the company is important to us. This is demonstrated by a high-performance work culture that emphasizes integrity, recognition, and a healthy work environment. 

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Why I Work at Kurita America

Curious about life at Kurita America? Our talented team members share a glimpse into their work and why they love what they do.

Meet Eric Simpson

Meet Eric Simpson, a dedicated regional manager at Kurita America. Eric has a passion for solving our customers' unique challenges and water treatment needs through his expertise of our innovative solutions. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in leading a team of skilled sales professionals, guiding them to deliver exceptional service.

Meet Yuling Thenhaus

Meet microelectronics equipment purchasing manager Yuling Thenhaus! Yuling enjoys collaborating with other departments and working on new projects. She understands how her work—negotiating, conducting KPI, streamline processes, and more—aids Kurita as one of the leading #watertreatment providers.

Meet Mike Light

Meet Lead Driver Supervisor Mike Light, an integral part of our organization that works to deliver water treatment technologies to our customers. Over the years, he has grown within the company and appreciates Kurita's commitment to sustainability.