Secure a Competitive Edge Through Intelligent Water Treatment

Water is critical for semiconductor manufacturing. When a facility is manufacturing 300 mm wafers, upward of 2,000 gallons of water per minute is used. Semiconductor fabrication requires ultrapure water to rinse wafers, making access to a high-quality water source paramount. With such extensive water needs, advanced fabrication plants cannot rely on municipal infrastructure alone and are already moving toward more onsite wastewater treatment and water reuse.

Due to the high volume of water used and the high cost of cleaning ultrapure water, Kurita America works extensively in the microelectronics industry to build custom water reuse systems, where efficiencies are driven by treating the water just enough for the next process to minimize overproduction and increase savings. Water that is reused must be treated to a higher level and requires a knowledgeable water treatment partner to meet the growing demand of manufacturers.

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