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Healthcare facilities continue to face budget and manpower reductions with increased regulations. Kurita America's integrated programs for the healthcare market are designed to reduce the time required to manage water treatment programs while enhancing system efficiency and reliability. By integrating our advanced water treatment equipment and chemical programs, equipment assets are protected from scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling, and energy and water usage is minimized.

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Legionella control in healthcare facilities is essential to providing a safe environment for members, clients and patients. Kurita America offers fully integrated solutions for advanced filtration, secondary disinfection of potable water, electronic monitoring and record keeping, and increased awareness of present and future standards to manage waterborne pathogens and minimize the risk of an incident.

As a community leader, many healthcare facilities are committed to reducing energy, water and waste streams to protect the environment. By integrating chemistry, equipment and automation, we help our customers reduce energy and water usage, pollutant discharge and chemical feed to meet their facility’s sustainability goals.

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