The Kurita Way

Unique Value, Optimal Results

Every customer situation is unique, yet the way we go about creating value is constant. We consider the total water landscape for your plant or facility, today and in the future.

The Kurita Way is our approach to create Total Solutions, which incorporates all aspects of your facility, including equipment, chemicals, engineering, and services to deliver unique value for our customers.

We begin by understanding all aspects of our customers’ current water landscapes and desired outcomes by immersing ourselves in your businesses, systems, and goals.

With innovation in mind, we envision, design, and engineer a Total Solution to provide the best possible results for our customers.

Our wide-ranging capabilities and expertise allow us to fully execute and deliver the solutions to achieve your goals.

Your business is constantly changing, and we adapt solutions accordingly—never being complacent to anticipate and react to new challenges and opportunities.

Featured Kurita Way & Total Solutions Highlights

University Removes Legionella through Kurita America's Monochloramine Solution

For the past five years, Kurita America has been partnering with a major university on the east coast of the United States for their water... read more

A Holistic Water Examination: Sartori Cheese's Comprehensive Site Assessment Results in Reduced Water and Waste Costs

Sartori Cheese, a Wisconsin-based world-class cheese producer known for their SarVecchio® Parmesan and BellaVitano® cheeses, collaborated... read more

California University Reduces Water Consumption Through Blowdown Reuse

Severe drought inspired a southern California university to explore their water use and to implement aggressive sustainability goals. Treatment... read more

Water is a Resource: Get Flowing on Sustainability Goals with Kurita America's Comprehensive Site Assessment

In 2020, a food and beverage customer in the Upper Midwest, United States, approached Kurita America to take a proactive method to address... read more

SaltOUT: Innovative Technology for Environmental Discharge and Reuse

Kurita America’s experience with cold lime softening (CLS) has culminated in the creation of SaltOUT, an innovative enhancement chemistry... read more

Kurita’s S.sensing® CS Technology Increases Lost Product Recovery by More Than 30% for Meat Processing Plant

A large beef processing facility located in the upper Midwest, operated by a leading global meat producer, implemented Kurita America’s... read more

Bacteria and Corrosion Control in Reclaim Water: Kurita America Mitigates Risk While Reducing Costs by 35%

At ten cents for every 1000 gallons, the use of reclaim water provided significant water cost savings for a thriving and innovative 900+ bed... read more

Integrated Zero Liquid Discharge Solution Leads to Higher Ethanol Production & Annual Savings of $200,000

A biofuels facility in the Midwest United States implemented an integrated Zero Liquid Discharge (iZLD) solution developed by Kurita America that... read more

Feed Mill Facility Increases Efficiency and Reduces Chemical Usage with EnergyOUT

A Midwest Feed Mill was treating its incoming boiler feed water with amine chemical to combat high levels of alkalinity. While amine can be... read more

Why Developing a Holistic Roadmap For Your Water Treatment Matters

Background The year 1972 saw the passage of the Clean Water Act (CWA) - an act that provided incentives, penalties, as well as funding for... read more

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