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Kurita Canada is a subsidiary of Kurita America and part of Kurita Water Industries (KWI), one of the leading water treatment providers in the world. Serving most of western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan provinces, Kurita Canada’s Total Solutions approach to water management incorporates all aspects of your facility, including chemistry, equipment, engineering, and services to solve your most complex challenges and deliver optimal results across multiple industries.

In 2021, we expanded our Canadian footprint with the acquisition of Ontario-based Keytech Water Management (Keytech), which specializes in the supply of water treatment chemicals, extensive equipment systems, and comprehensive technical services. This partnership allows Kurita Canada to deliver state-of-the-art global technologies with advanced capabilities.

Together, we strive to create unique value for our customers while conserving natural resources for a better, more sustainable world.
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Creating Shared Value

Kurita is driven to research and develop new technologies that meet customers’ needs, aiming for the further evolution of water treatment products and significantly reduce CO2 emissions, water and energy use, and waste. The Kurita Group strives to create shared value (CSV) with society by providing optimal solutions that maximize the use of management resources to address various issues facing society. To this end, we maintain high sensitivity to social issues while working to improve our competence base as a company and provide Total Solutions.


Kurita’s innovative Cetamine technology is designed for complete protection of steam generators, hot water boilers, and closed systems as well as corrosion protection in open cooling systems. Composed of film-forming amines (FFA), Cetamine creates a hydrophobic protective film. This film, adsorbed on all metal surfaces in the system, creates a continuous barrier between water and metal, effectively inhibiting corrosion without affecting the heat transfer.

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DReeM Polymer™

Kurita's DReeM Polymer is a unique chemistry developed to maximize heat transfer surface cleanliness and efficiency, and minimize fuel costs in low to medium pressure boilers. This award winning technology is unparalleled as an on-line cleaner of silica and iron silicate boiler deposits, and has won multiple energy conservation awards, named the most effective silica dispersant available for high temperature applications. 

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Kuriverter® IK-110

Kurita's patented Kuriverter IK-110 is a unique chemistry developed to maximize operational efficiency and normalized flow through reverse osmosis membrane systems. This proprietary biological control agent specifically targets biofilm, encouraging it to release from surfaces into the bulk water, where it can be flushed from the system. Kuriverter IK-110 applications have been proven to decrease pressure drop across filters, increase normalized flow back to near new condition on the RO, stabilize salt rejection, and reduce operation and energy costs.

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S.sensing® CS

Kurita’s S.sensing CS system is an automatic, chemical injection monitoring system to control coagulant for optimum results. The S.sensing CS system ensures correct dosage of treatment, reduced labor costs and sludge disposal, consistent effluent quality, reduced surcharges and more!

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Cooling Tower Blowdown Recovery

Kurita’s unique wastewater reclamation Cooling Tower Blowdown Recovery (CTBR) system is an integrated system to conserve freshwater by increasing the reuse of cooling tower blowdown up to 80% for use as make-up water. CTBR helps reduces operating costs, minimizes a facility’s environmental footprint, and converts waste to value.

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Often, plants are looking to increase their steam boiler efficiency but do not have a sufficient capital budget for a new Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Kurita America's fully integrated EnergyOUT solution meets this need. Available through an operating lease, EnergyOUT includes equipment, standard service, chemicals, and consumables for a set, monthly price.

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The PhosZero family of cooling water treatment products designed and proven to provide scale and corrosion results better than traditional phosphorus containing chemistries, but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies.

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Monochloramine Secondary Disinfection

Our monochloramine generator is a complete patented system or the production and addition of monochloramine for disinfection and control of the colonization of waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella, in domestic water plumbing systems. The system is 24/7 remotely monitored and has a much lower corrosivity level than any other disinfectant and is fully compatible with any plumbing material.

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