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Kurita America and Solugen to Develop New Carbon-Negative Products for Industrial Water Treatment

As featured on Water Online Kurita America, part of the Kurita Group, a leading global provider of industrial water treatment solutions, today announced a collaboration with Solugen, a bio-based chemical manufacturer, to develop a suite of new carbon-negative water treatment products. These innovative solutions will introduce high-performing, bio-based substitutes to phosphorus and other petroleum derived [...]

Biofuels Plant Sees Return on Investment After 100 Days with pHytOUT® Deposit Control Technology

A United States Midwest dry grind fuel ethanol plant requested Kurita America to assist and implement production efficiency improvements within their plant. After an in-depth performance evaluation, the Kurita America Process Technologies team identified a number of opportunities to improve efficiencies and output quality, after observing limited plant throughput due to slurry flow restriction, plant downtime [...]

From Community to Industry: Solving Issues Related to Water

While industrial water only accounts for 20 percent of total water consumed, it can affect local communities and the environment. Industrial facilities need to be aware of their impact while being conscientious of what they can do to minimize consumption. To solve issues related to water, there needs to be an understanding that these water-related problems are happening globally and require global action, but there [...]

Hospital Reduces Corrosion Rates by 62% with Kurita’s Low Phosphorous Tower NG for Cooling Water

A large hospital in the United States was using traditional cooling water treatment technologies, supplied by another water treatment provider, to control deposits and corrosion in their systems. The local water contains ions that create both corrosive and scaling conditions. Moreover, discharge limitations for phosphorous were becoming a higher concern due to tightening regulations. The hospital’s [...]

Addressing PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water: Navigating the New Federal Drinking Water Rule

Due to their widespread presence in the environment and potential health risks, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have emerged as a significant topic of concern in recent years. As regulatory agencies work to tighten controls, the introduction of a new federal maximum contaminant level (MCL) for PFAS in drinking water underscores the urgency for effective water treatment solutions. We will explore the [...]

Kurita Announces Amalgamation of Canadian Entities

Kurita America , part of the Kurita Group , a leading global provider of industrial water treatment solutions, today announced the amalgamation of  Keytech Water Management Company  (KTWM) with Kurita Canada Inc. (KCI). The integrated entity will be known as Kurita Canada Inc., headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, and will serve customers throughout Canada. KTWM initially joined the Kurita [...]

Meat Rendering Facility Enhances Tallow Recovery Process and Increases Revenue with Kurita’s Program

A meat processing facility in the Midwest had over seven percent fat in their stick water sent back to the dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems . Stick water is the heavy liquid phase should be free and clear of any tallow or suspended solids. Separator inefficiencies result in high proteins and other nutrients in the stick water being recycled back to the front of the treatment process, requiring additional [...]

Hospital Reduces 290,000 Pounds of CO2 Emissions Per Year with EnergyOUT™

A Central Florida hospital was expanding their new central energy plant while phasing out an older steam plant. The hospital also has been experiencing significant condensate loss, and many of the heat exchangers were experiencing higher corrosion rates. The condensate loss also caused issues of controlling the pH level, which can corrode piping and equipment. This all accumulated into additional costs due to [...]

Seiko Epson Reduces Water Usage by 10 Million Gallons per Year with Kurita's Reuse Plan

Seiko Epson in Japan produces and sells printers and related products, and as part of its management philosophy to be “an indispensable company,” the facility is working to solve social issues through its business activities. At each business site, the company was working to reduce its environmental impact. Seiko Epson wanted to reduce plant water usage and greenhouse gas emissions and achieve [...]

Washing Machine Manufacturer Saves $130,000 Annually with Kurita’s DReeM Polymer™ for Boilers

A washing machine manufacturer in the United States of America had accumulated a large amount of scale on their boilers, which was affecting their fuel consumption, overall costs, and steam efficiency, resulting in frequent boiler shutdowns. The manufacturer had two 600 horsepower firetube boilers that produced approximately 289 million pounds per year of steam. The steam was primarily used for styrene bead expansion [...]

Kurita America’s EZ Feed System Improves Tire Manufacturing Plant Safety and Chemical Control

A tire manufacturer in the southern United States was facing issues in their eight water baths that are used to cool the rubber after it has been extruded. The water chemistry in the baths must be maintained within the machine and equipment standards (MES), so that the finished rubber maintains its strength. Historically, the manufacturer had been trying to maintain these parameters manually, which presented challenges [...]

Meat Processing Plant Saves $35,000 Annually with Kurita’s Cetamine® E Series for Cooling Water

A meat processing plant in Texas was using traditional cooling water treatment technology to control deposits and corrosion in their critical evaporative condenser system. After years of poor control of the existing water treatment program, the plant personnel observed scale formation. Calcium carbonate had accumulated on the heat exchange surfaces. This put a strain on the cooling system, which impacted plant [...]