Who We Are

Focusing on creating value for society, our passion at Kurita is to develop and deliver innovative solutions that make the world a better place. Working as an extension of your team, we help our customers stay competitive by using our industry experience and expertise to combine chemistry, equipment, engineering and service into a customized, integrated solution. At Kurita, we have transformed water treatment with our cutting edge, environmentally sound approach to water.

Kurita has a shared culture of customer excellence, quality products, services and environmental stewardship. View the Kurita Code of Conduct to learn how Kurita embodies the principles of trust, honesty and integrity to nurture long-term customer, employee and stakeholder relationships.

Locally-Focused, Globally-Strong.

Together with the Kurita Group’s global products, services and technologies, Kurita America uses universal synergies to create groundbreaking solutions, delivering unique value to solve challenges faced by customers and society in the North American market. Kurita America’s locally focused, industry experts and water management representatives understand every internal and external factor of your ever-changing landscape and provide state-of-the-art global technologies with advanced capabilities.

Corporate Philosophy

Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony.

  • Creating new functions and value for water through a deep and far-reaching exploration of the essential properties of water.
  • Winning the trust of our customers and society with unique solutions that capitalize on our diverse technologies.
  • Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by leveraging our mastery of water to create shared value with society.

Corporate Vision

Pioneering “new value for water“ to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • In seeking to realize its corporate philosophy, Kurita Group creates shared value with society through its business, addressing water resource issues, contributing to a decarbonized society and building a circular economy.
  • Kurita Group creates new value by leveraging knowledge accumulated from a broad array of frontline sites to address social issues.
  • Kurita Group elevates and refines its technology and human resources to be an indispensable partner to our customers, swiftly providing unprecedented technology and services.

Corporate Values

Deepen understanding of frontline sites
Our solutions are rooted in a deep understanding of frontline site (Gemba) issues and information. We maximize customer value while also seeking to further elevate our expertise in water.

Elevate and connect expertise
We strive to elevate our knowledge of water and the environment, which are precious. Innovation and the creation of new value are generated by connecting the diverse and ever more sophisticated knowledge accumulated by all.

Exceed expectations
Our desire to challenge ourselves is driven by our aspiration to serve humanity. We always push ourselves to deliver results that exceed expectations. We build trust with our customers through serial success.

Maintain unwavering integrity
We engage sincerely with all of our stakeholders. We fulfil our responsibilities to the future through our single-minded pursuit of solutions to social issues.

Over 70 Years Serving Our Customers

Founded in 1949, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Kurita) initially started as a water treatment chemical business for boiler applications. Over the last 74 years, the Kurita Group has grown into one of the world’s largest suppliers of water treatment equipment, chemistries and services. With over 7,600 employees in 58 companies worldwide, the Kurita Group generates approximately $2.0 billion USD annually, per 2023 Integrated Report. Watch Kurita’s company video and learn how the Kurita Group supports innovative technologies and industries worldwide.

Coming Together as One Kurita

Kurita, a global market leader in industrial water and process technologies, first established their footprint in the United States in 1996. After expanding to multiple locations throughout the southern states, Kurita continued its investment in the growing market with the acquisitions of Fremont Industries, Inc. in January 2017 and U.S. Water Services, Inc. in March 2019. Kurita Canada was also established to serve a growing customer base in western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. In 2021, Kurita America expanded our Canadian footprint with the acquisition of Ontario-based Keytech Water Management. Together, these companies create Kurita America Inc. With its multiple locations, production facilities, distribution centers and local representatives, Kurita America is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative solutions, that create value for our customers, throughout North America.