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University Removes Legionella through Kurita America's Monochloramine Solution

For the past five years, Kurita America has been partnering with a major university on the east coast of the United States for their water treatment needs. Due to COVID-19 , the university was facing a heightened Legionella risk after a year and a half shutdown of the campus. Because of remote learning during the pandemic, many of the buildings were not in use, specifically without the water being circulated. The [...]

Kurita America Publishes New Water Reuse eBook

Kurita America announces new Water Reuse eBook “ Exploring Industrial Water Reuse: Key Considerations for Your Facility .” Facility managers, operational staff, and others will be able to gain a better understanding of water reuse in an industrial facility with key considerations for determining the best approach and potential impact demonstrated through industry trends, graphs, case studies, and [...]

Water Week 2022: The Rising Costs Reaching Your Bottom Line

Every year, water professionals from across the country come together to engage in the United States Water Week . During this event, elected officials, and policymakers work to ensure all communities have access to safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water and clean water. Much of the main discussions surround increasing infrastructure investments, addressing water affordability, and supporting water research and [...]

Film-Forming Amine Resurgence Leads to Water Treatment Harmonization

Depending on your boiler or heating system, a one percent reduction in fuel used to heat water could mean likely saving tens of thousands of dollars over a year of operation. As well as it would curtail hundreds of tons of CO 2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. Preserving longevity of critical industrial boiler equipment while striving to reduce total cost of ownership continues to be a major driving force of [...]

This is Only the Beginning: Two Years On

On April 1, 2022, Kurita America celebrates two years of uniting four legacy companies as one Kurita America with the help of Kurita Group , which is a leading global water treatment provider with dedicated employees, cutting-edge technologies, and proven solutions that combine chemical, mechanical, and operational aspects of a facility. Over decades, the Kurita Group has an international network that spans 18 [...]

Kurita America's Bioaugmentation Program Re-Balances Wastewater System

A food processing facility in the Upper Midwest was experiencing an upset due to a breakdown in their process equipment and production changes, which allowed for a high level of fats, oils, and grease (FOG ) to pass into their waste stream. The additional FOG that was discharged into the aeration basin was not sufficiently removed during the primary treatment. The increased loading to the aeration system put a [...]

A Holistic Water Examination: Sartori Cheese's Comprehensive Site Assessment Results in Reduced Water and Waste Costs

Sartori Cheese, a Wisconsin-based world-class cheese producer known for their SarVecchio® Parmesan and BellaVitano® cheeses, collaborated with Kurita America to take a proactive approach to review Sartori’s water consumption, production, cleaning practices, and wastewater discharge at their production facility in Antigo, Wisconsin. Through the Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) and in alignment with [...]

California University Reduces Water Consumption Through Blowdown Reuse

Severe drought inspired a southern California university to explore their water use and to implement aggressive sustainability goals. Treatment and reuse of cooling tower blowdown water was instrumental in their water action plan, and Kurita America has played a key role in this effort. Southern California is population-dense and water-scarce. Although the bottom two-thirds of the state accounts for 80 percent of [...]

Risk Assessment Revisions for Distributed Building Water: A Recent Update to Your Water Management Plans

Updated Water Management Requirements According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over seven million Americans get sick from diseases spread through water each year. The CDC indicates that out of these millions of people, 120,000 are hospitalized, and the associated treatment costs involved exceed three billion dollars. Utility water systems in hospitals have been under close study [...]

Water Scarcity in Context: Our Role and Impact

Water scarcity was prominent among 2021 headlines, which peaked in August when federal officials declared a first-ever water shortage in the Colorado River Basin after Lake Mead reached record-low levels . Terms such as water scarcity, drought, water stress, and water risk all communicate the societal impacts of water’s limited availability. However, they are often used interchangeably and can take on [...]

Complying with the Joint Commission's New Water Management Standards

Healthcare facilities continue to face budget and manpower reductions with increased regulations. Kurita America can help with our harmonized programs designed to reduce the time required to manage water treatment programs while enhancing system efficiency and reliability. This includes Legionella risk management support , advanced filtration equipment programs, secondary disinfection, electronic monitoring [...]

Continuing Water Crisis: Save Water at Work and Home

A new year means new resolutions, but instead of the resolutions fizzling out after a few months, consider what steps you can make toward a more sustainable world. You and your family can apply these suitability methods to your home, and for your business, Kurita America as your water experts take state-of-the-art technology to deliver optimal results and overall lower cost of ownership. Whether it be at home or [...]