From Community to Industry: Solving Issues Related to Water

While industrial water only accounts for 20 percent of total water consumed, it can affect local communities and the environment. Industrial facilities need to be aware of their impact while being conscientious of what they can do to minimize consumption. To solve issues related to water, there needs to be an understanding that these water-related problems are happening globally and require global action, but there are smaller actions that can be taken at individual plants to help local communities.

Many people will consider water scarcity and water issues as things that occur in other parts of the world. However, both the United States and Europe have seen changes in water availability. This affects the price of water for an industrial facility but also impacts surrounding communities. As some of the largest water users, industrial facilities need to lead the change for water conservation. What’s more, businesses are increasingly expected to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. Companies are pairing with organizations to help them better meet these goals.

The Water Resilience Coalition (WRC) is an organization focusing on water conservation at industrial facilities. This CEO-led global mandate via the United Nations aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a member of the WRC, Kurita works to preserve the world’s water resources with other companies and organizations. Kurita has launched the Impact Together campaign for solving issues related to water in the Colorado River Basin in the US and PCJ River Basins in Brazil.

Also, Kurita has implemented corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the core of our organization. CSR focuses on three interconnected ideas: economic, social, and environmental performance. Kurita strives to reduce the amount of water intake for use in its business activities while using its water savings, purification, and reuse technologies to provide the optimal quality and volume of water required for people’s lives and industrial development. We have defined products, technologies, and business models that contribute significantly to saving water and reducing CO2 emissions, referred to as creating shared value (CSV) business. Activities also include reducing environmental impact at customer sites.

Kurita offers pre-treatment solutions to help businesses reach purity standards for industrial purposes as well as saving water and reducing chemical use. Kurita can improve utility water with a broad portfolio of unique technologies. By reducing the volume of water to maintain or increase production, sites can optimize and manage water quality in boilers and cooling water systems as well as explore options for reuse. With regulations becoming more stringent, Kurita has developed innovative products that can help sites meet permit discharge requirements without sacrificing results.

From water-in to water-out, Kurita partners with businesses to maximize efficiencies while having a positive impact on communities and the environment. To solve issues related to water, the current water problems need to be understood as a global situation requiring global action, but facility-level changes are essential to local communities.

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