Kurita America is committed to understanding your wastewater treatment priorities and partnering with you to provide a comprehensive solution. We understand that the characteristics of wastewater streams and facility treatment priorities varies greatly; Creating a major challenge for the design and operation of wastewater treatment systems. 

Kurita America is committed to partnering with you to best meet your objectives for wastewater management whether it be reducing discharge costs, automation, meeting sustainability goals or meeting NPDES permit requirements. Our wastewater treatment experts will conduct a thorough survey and analysis of your facility, establish a baseline, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. In collaboration with your personnel, they will provide solutions that meet compliance goals and your business needs.

Your wastewater treatment priorities are Kurita America’s focus. As your partner we will provide best in industry chemistries, equipment systems, automation and control  that you require to meet regulatory and business goals; maximizing your return on investment

Kurita America’s extensive suite of wastewater chemical technologies includes:

  • Organic and inorganic coagulants
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Emulsion, dispersion, dry and solution flocculants
  • GRAS approved polymers
  • By-product recovery aids
  • Graywater pre-treatments
  • Metal precipitants
  • Odor neutralizers
  • Antifoams/foam control
  • Lime softening
Kurita’s unwavering investment in research and development continues to deliver new chemical technologies to meet the ever-increasing challenges our customers face. Examples include development of chemicals providing enhanced coagulation of suspended solids, improved dewatering of waste sludge, better odor control, and efficient separation of excess paint from circulating water in the automobile painting process.

The equipment for managing wastewater is extensive.  Solutions may include DAF’s or clarifiers for liquid-solid separation, MBBR’s or SBR’s for biological contaminant reduction, belt-presses, screw-presses, plate and frame filters for sludge reduction, screens, skid mounted chemical delivery systems and many other types of equipment.  We use our experience, understanding of your process and engineering principles to design a solution to meet your treatment goals.

Kurita America’s automation and control equipment systems, software, and wireless communication capabilities complement our world class chemistries and produce a fully integrated wastewater system offering. These include …

  • Chemical storage and injection systems, both standardized and highly customized
  • A highly advanced Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and control platform
  • Cloud-based analytics, information management, and communications

Monitoring of key operational and chemical parameters with 24/365 internet accessibility, online availability of operator logs and service reports, alarming and notifications; provide operating personnel with the information they need, when they need it. The ability to react quickly to developing conditions before they lead to interrupted operations, a discharge violation, or unplanned downtime is critical.

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