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Enhance Oil Recovery and Asset Integrity

In an industry driven by results, you need a partner to provide solutions for more efficient, cost-effective production. At Kurita America, our Energy Services team is dedicated to developing production chemicals for the oil and gas industry and being a trusted advisor with oil and gas operators. We get to the root cause of the problem: finding and eliminating it at its source, to enhance production, deliver the best treatment solutions and provide unmatched service.

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At Kurita America, we provide oilfield production treating chemicals, services and programs that are unmatched in today’s competitive oil and gas industry. We perform on-site data gathering and sampling of produced fluids for laboratory analysis determine real scenario performance testing. This work, along with our experience and expertise in the industry, is the basis for providing recommendations to improve production output, protect assets for design life and lower overall Total Cost of Operations (TCO) to produce, store and transport oil and gas.

Using our integrated approach, Kurita America works with our customers to identify corrosion issues and clean-up gathering and transportation lines to prevent future deposition. For superior performance on pipeline projects, our team has completed the NACE Internal Corrosion school program and operator qualified training. Our approach to pipeline treatments is to perform risk mitigation studies of the entire pipeline network, predict internal corrosion and solids deposition by flow modeling and recommend the appropriate treatments as required. Whether it is a DOT pipeline or a typical gathering/transmission pipeline, we take into consideration all necessary external factors when performing the risk mitigation studies and presenting recommendations to our customers, for example rivers, lakes, roads, right-of-ways, population density and more.

We provide unique chemistries throughout the entire process of Salt Water Disposal (SWD) systems - from the separation of oil/water emulsions after produced water drop off to resolving interfacial pads in the tanks / vessels separation equipment while controlling solids, bacteria and iron sulfide. Our overall partnering goal is to lower well injection pressures, keep water disposal rates at maximum and extend the life of the injection wells while keeping the process and storage tanks free of routine clean-outs.

Changes in pressure, volume and temperature during processing can cause unwanted precipitates that can cause system fouling, plugging or even failure. Kurita America has developed proven gas and process chemistries to be used along with our integrated approach to remediate system challenges. A partnership with Kurita America means our customers can experience improved product quality, reduced energy usage, lower disposal costs, and maximized throughput and revenues.

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