A Comprehensive & Innovative Technology for Industrial Water Treatment

Kurita’s innovative Cetamine technology is designed for complete protection of steam generators, hot water boilers, and closed systems as well as corrosion protection in open cooling systems. Composed of film-forming amines (FFA), Cetamine creates a hydrophobic protective film. This film, adsorbed on all metal surfaces in the system, creates a continuous barrier between water and metal, effectively inhibiting corrosion without affecting the heat transfer.

Cetamine treatment programs are frequently applied in low-pressure fire tubes and medium to high-pressure water-tube boilers in all types of industries. It is designed to protect the entire installation and is suitable for different types of water make-up qualities. It effectively inhibits corrosion and deposits in feed water systems, boilers, steam distribution systems, turbines and condensate lines.

Cetamine products are available as single component film-forming amine solutions for the application in heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and fossil-fired power plants or as multi-component products for complete plant protection in shell boilers and water tube boilers.

Closed systems and open cooling systems also benefit from the Cetamine technology for corrosion inhibition. Cetamine products provide exceptional protection for aluminum boilers and injection molding systems that can be difficult to treat with conventional chemistries. Corrosive conditions in open cooling systems can similarly be mitigated with the use of Cetamine as well as extended protection to galvanized components.

Kurita’s Cetamine Technology Provides

  • Complete boiler plant protection by means of a hydrophobic protective film
  • All-organic treatment concept with low impact on system water conductivity
  • Reduced corrosion especially during system start-ups and lay-ups
  • Water and cost reduction by reducing boiler blowdown
  • Improved heat transfer compared to conventional treatment programs
  • Reduction of flow accelerated corrosion
  • Dosing according to the quantity of make-up water leads to less product consumption
  • Significant savings in water and energy
  • Exceptional corrosion inhibition in multi-metal systems, including aluminum