Chemical Delivery

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Deliver Chemicals Safely, Direct to Your Tank

Kurita America's drumless delivery programs are designed to minimize the risks associated with chemical handling. Utilizing our programs helps improve employee safety by allowing our trained delivery specialists to transfer chemicals directly to base tanks. When it’s time to restock, simply contact a Kurita America customer service representative to schedule the next delivery. Or, for a completely hands-off solution, add one of Kurita America's tank level monitoring solutions for notification of a fill need or even automatic delivery. In addition to keeping the tank full, Kurita America provides a full suite of analytics surrounding tank level monitoring, including totalized product usage and dosage verification.

Drumless Delivery Program Advantages 

  • Reduce hazards and liability
  • Variety of programs available
  • Eliminate storage and disposal of empty/used chemical drums
  • Experienced delivery personnel

Drumless Delivery Options

EZ Feed chemical totes are built to Department of Transportation UN Standards by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant, then delivered to the customer site and off-loaded into storage tanks by our trained delivery specialists. The standard EZ Feed tank is a double walled plastic tank, available in 30 - 175 gallons. Our premium stainless steel tanks are designed to handle the most rugged environment, and available in 500 - 550 gallons. 

The mini bulk program is for order sizes less than 12,000 pounds, and available in plastic, fiberglass and stainless steel construction to meet application needs. Chemicals will be delivered to the customer site and off-loaded into tanks directly from our compartmentalized delivery tankers by our trained delivery specialists. No chemical containers will be off-loaded at the facility, at any time.

Our truckload and flex bulk programs are for order sizes of 12,000 – 23, 000 pounds up to a full truckload. Chemicals are delivered direct from our tanker to the bulk storage tank.