Dropwise Condensation Technology

A Sustainable Technology for Industrial Production Facilities

Kurita’s Dropwise Condensation Technology is designed to increase operating efficiency, improve productivity, and conserve energy in industrial production facilities. Dropwise is dosed continuously into the steam line in front of the target heat exchanger, creating a water-repellent film on the heat transfer surfaces.

Increasing the water repellency greatly improves productivity and heat transfer efficiency. At the same time, steam consumption and pressure are reduced, leading to less fuel consumption and cutting down energy costs. Kurita’s Dropwise is a sustainable technology, leading to a reduction of carbon dioxide emission supporting the development of an eco-friendly society.

Dropwise Advantages

Kurita’s Dropwise Technology creates a hydrophobic water-repellent film, which decreases the thickness of the condensed water film on metal surfaces of heat exchanger. Heat transfer coefficient drops if there is water film generated on the surface. Therefore, by reducing thickness of water film with Dropwise, heat transfer resistance is decreased and required steam load is decreased. Field evaluations prove that steam consumption is typically reduced by 5-10%.

Dropwise not only protects against corrosion and heat transfer inhibiting by-products but also removes existing deposits to provide the best possible heat transfer efficiency.

Kurita’s Dropwise Technology improves heat transfer efficiency, which means less energy is required to achieve the same result. What’s more, Dropwise can generate additional production capacity due to increased efficiencies.