Kuriverter® IK-110

Unique Biofilm Control Agent for Protecting RO & Membrane Systems

Kurita's patented Kuriverter IK-110 is a unique chemistry developed to maximize operational efficiency and normalized flow through reverse osmosis membrane systems. This proprietary biological control agent specifically targets biofilm, encouraging it to release from surfaces into the bulk water, where it can be flushed from the system. Kuriverter IK-110 applications have been proven to decrease pressure drop across filters, increase normalized flow back to near new condition on the RO, stabilize salt rejection, and reduce operation and energy costs. Additionally, the breakthrough Kuriverter IK-110 solution eliminates the need for conventional disinfection chemicals and system downtime, through online membrane system cleanings.

Key Benefits

  • Lowered differential pressure across the membrane
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Extended CIP cleaning frequency
  • Restored and maintained permeate flow
  • Reduced total cost of operation