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    Simultaneous Air & Water Backwash System

Reduce Backwash Water Consumption & Operating Expenses

Kurita America’s Simul-Wash backwash system provides optimal cleaning of media filters while minimizing water waste. Central to the process is our innovative trough design, which prevents media loss during combined air/water backwash without restricting flow, allowing for sustained cleaning durations to realize the greatest value. Simul-Wash has been implemented for over 40 years with hundreds of installations in existence. This proven technology can be integrated into any Kurita America media filtration application for your benefit to save water and extend filter media life.

Advanced Cleaning

Combined air/water backwash provides the best media cleaning compared to conventional methods. Backwashing with low water flow rates simultaneously with air produces a collapse-pulse action within the filter media that scours the media particles while releasing filtered solids, eliminating dead zones, and preventing solids build-up to ensure the best cleaning and longest media life.

Reduced Waste

The aggressive collapse-pulse action is the simultaneous addition of air forms pockets between the media particles, which immediately collapse under the weight of the filter media. The unique scouring action provides thorough media cleaning while using water rates significantly lower than necessary for conventional methods and reduces waste by 50% as compared to conventional methods at similar durations.


Simul-Wash can be integrated into any Kurita America media filter application regardless of media type. The low-profile trough design is favorable for retrofits of existing media filters, and Kurita works with you to engineer a custom configuration for your specific application.

Proven Technology

The Simul-Wash process has been implemented across North America for over 40 years with hundreds of installations in operation. Our customers are saving millions of gallons of water while postponing costly media replacement maintenance events.

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