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A Solid Chemical Treatment Solution

Kurita America’s SolidPro solid feed chemistry program is designed for use in small cooling and steam boiler water treatment applications and places where delivery and storage of liquid chemical drums is difficult. The SolidPro program combines specially designed solid chemical feeders with solid chemistry. A complete line of paste and disk chemistries are available for smaller systems with the tightest space constraints. We also have the unique Crystal Delivery System and Ultra Series® crystal technology, patented by Fremont Industries, which allows the use of solid chemistry in larger applications. No other company can provide this range of safe, cost effective and efficient solid chemistry, allowing our customers to meet their regulatory and sustainability goals.   

The SolidPro Program Advantage

Kurita America's SolidPro program eliminates drum handling, storage, disposal, on-site liquid chemical inventory and safety concerns association with chemical hazards and spill containment.

Compact product containers are easily handled and hold the equivalent of thirty to fifty-five gallons of liquid chemical. The system can be easily installed in most mechanical rooms, requiring minimal wall mounting space.

SolidPro solid chemicals have a long shelf life when stored in a dry, protected location. This prevents additional costs from disposal of unused product.

The feed system's proven level control technology eliminates reed switches, electrical solenoid burn out and transformer failure from current strikes. Our customers experience a consistent, reliable chemical performance with reduced down time and service calls.