Tower NG

Novel Biodegradable Corrosion Control

The Tower NG series of cooling products replaces most of the traditional water treatment chemistries with a combination of the latest polymer technology and a proprietary biodegradable corrosion inhibitor. Traditional treatment chemistry for recirculating cooling water has usually been formulated around organo-phosphonates for scale control and azoles for copper protection.

Kurita America’s Tower NG series of cooling water treatment products has been developed to minimize the dependence on these traditional technologies while providing equivalent or better results for deposit and corrosion control.

The Tower NG Advantage

The Tower NG unique corrosion inhibitor chemistry is manufactured from sustainable plant feedstocks via a novel carbon negative chemi-enzymatic process. In head-to-head comparison with traditional hard water treatment formulas, equivalent scale and deposit control and significantly improved corrosion protection for mild steel, copper, and galvanized metal components have been seen. This makes the Tower NG series a premier multi-functional solution for enhanced cooling system performance.

Made with all organic materials and free of heavy metals or conflict minerals, the Tower NG series is inherently biodegradable in municipal treatment works. In addition, the products have relatively low aquatic toxicity to freshwater species, which will allow its use in many applications where treated cooling water is discharged directly to the environment. In particular, the phosphorus content is less than 0.5 mg/L as P for all the products in the Tower NG series when maintaining the recommended target treatment dose.

The Tower NG series of cooling products reduces the need for acid use and storage on-site. This can help with hazardous material reporting, insurance costs, and handling mistakes.