Zero Liquid Discharge

Eliminate Liquid Discharge to the Environment

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a strategic, wastewater management system facilities adopt to avoid discharging industrial wastewater into the environment. This is an engineered approach to water treatment, resulting in water recycle, recovery and reuse. Kurita America has developed a five-phase approach to zero liquid discharge projects, allowing our team to engineer the optimal system for industrial facilities. We model and combine various technologies including reverse osmosis, cold lime softening, ion exchange, evaporation and crystallization, and others to reduce the cost of installation and ongoing operational costs.

A combination of regulatory issues, water scarcity and environmental concerns are driving facilities towards ZLD. The benefit(s) of ZLD can be:

  • Eliminate or reduce off-site wastewater disposal and risk
  • Recovery of valuable contaminants like, ammonium sulfate or sodium chloride
  • Improved environmental performance and decreased regulatory pressure
  • Decrease total operational costs (TOC) of wastewater management.
  • Lower cost of water, decrease on-site treatment and meet discharge requirements