10 State Standards Update

The Great Lakes – Upper Mississippi River Board (GLUMRB) of State and Provincial Public Health and Environmental Managers have completed the 2018 Edition of the Recommended Standards for Water Works, commonly referred to as the 10 States Standards.

Participating State and Provincial agencies meet on an annual basis to establish design guidelines for the waterworks industry. These policies act as guidelines for the design, review and approval of plans and specifications for public wastewater collection and treatment facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Every five years the committee reviews and revises these standards to address recent or upcoming regulations and/or new technologies. Engineers use the Recommended Standards in determining water facility needs and in sizing treatment processes during the design phase of a project. For a full copy of the 2018 Standards, click here

We recommend contacting your state’s or province’s 10 States Standards representative with any comments or questions.

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