3 Easy Steps to Start Conserving Water Today

Warm summer months lead to higher water usage due to vegetation watering (lawns and gardens), pool filling and maintenance, and cooling system usage for indoor temperature control. Practicing responsible conservation habits during the season, and throughout the year, will not only support the ecosystem but also help lower your utility costs.

Are you looking for ways to save on your water usage this summer? Here are 3 easy steps to start conserving water today:

  1. Rinse Smart

Summer is the best time for finding fresh fruits and veggies. Whether you have your own garden or shop at a local grocery store or farmers market, you will most likely wash off your product before eating it. Instead of rinsing them under the faucet, try filling a bowl of water to wash them. As an added water savings bonus, you could reuse it to water your plants instead of pouring it down the drain.

  1. Adjust your Watering Schedule

Watering your lawn during the hottest hours of the day is not the most efficient way, a lot of water evaporates before it’s absorbed into the ground. That means using more water to keep your grass alive. Watering your lawn in the early morning or evening is ideal, because the sun isn’t out. This reduces the amount of evaporation, which means using less water for your lawn.

  1. Utilize the Automatic Car Wash

Drive to your local gas station or car wash business and say goodbye to hand washing your vehicle in your driveway. It is estimated that hand washing your car uses 150 gallons of water, while the automatic car wash only uses 50 gallons of water. This will save about 100 gallons and the trouble of hand washing.

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