California Water Plant Treats Nitrates and Perchlorate with No Liquid Waste

The City of Corona, California was in need of a new water treatment plant. Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand (Tonka Water), was selected to provide a RidION™ Ion Exchange System and a Nion-IX™ Treatment System for the removal of nitrates and perchlorate. The treatment of perchlorate does not allow for waste disposal through conventional means, requiring media to be removed and disposed of off site. Ion exchange technology was found to be the most cost effective treatment, providing no liquid waste.
The treatment process consists of seven 12’ diameter strong-base anion exchange vessels with a system flow rate of 2,400 gpm. The treatment process begins as water flows first through three ion exchange vessels treating perchlorate. Water then flows through the remaining four vessels for treatment of nitrate, before being sent to distribution. Both supplied systems are equipped with NSF-approved ion exchange resins. Our unique regenerant distribution system accomplishes complete and uniform regeneration of the resin. This system was designed with the option for the vessels treating perchlorate to be modified to treat nitrate if perchlorate treatment is no longer needed. Tonka Water provided overall process and system responsibility, with guaranteed results.
The Corona plant has been meeting treatment goals since its start up in early 2018. Tonka Water is proud to have helped the community achieve their treatment goals.

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