Smart Irrigation Practices Make Drip Systems More Efficient

Did you know that agricultural irrigation accounts for over 80% of the nation’s water usage? Kurita America is committed to making every drop count, and celebrating those using efficient irrigation technologies all year round during the Irrigation Association’s Smart Irrigation Month. Growers using drip irrigation systems are on the right path towards using less water, but it’s still important to understand the available tools and resources to improve water efficiency.

A good place to start is with a comprehensive water analysis. That way you can maintain your drip system by applying the proper chemistry to prevent fouling of emitters and irrigation lines. Also, be sure to fix any leaks and have your Distribution Uniformity (DU) checked regularly during the growing season. Get the most out of your well and reservoir, and reduce water and energy costs at the same time by keeping them clean.

Finally, create irrigation schedules using automation and soil moisture monitors to prevent overwatering and ensure the right amount of water usage during each session. Water conservation becomes increasingly important as the world population grows, and quality water becomes harder to find. 

By following smart irrigation practices and working with a certified professional, such as Kurita America’s agriculture team, you too can be an industry leader in efficient irrigation.

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