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Kurita America’s Commitment to Safety: Driving Workplace Protocols and Customer Value Forward

Sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC), and held every June, National Safety Month is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to assess their strategy on preventing unnecessary workplace injuries, whether it be on the road, at work or at home. This year, the NSC’s efforts are focused on safety strategy and ensuring employee’s feel inherently safe on the job.

Kurita America has more than 500 delivery specialists, technicians, account managers and sales leaders that collectively average over a million miles driven each year. These employees support over 5,000 customers in a variety of different industries and solution driven environments. In addition to this, Kurita America has seven U.S.-based offices and facilities, where employees are manufacturing industrial-sized equipment, blending water treatment chemicals, and in harmony, moving man and material through transportation. The daily safety challenges of the job vary by region, role and customer situation, but our goal at Kurita America is to ensure that each individual returns home in same condition they left.

How does Kurita America celebrate National Safety Month? Safety is one of Kurita’s Core Values, and directly ties into our Code of Conduct. This is evident through our commitment to safe manufacturing and delivery, as well as usage of quality products and value-added services to our customers. We maintain a shared culture of high safety standards through training and education, engagement, teamwork, and feedback. As industry risks and regulations change, Kurita America is dedicated to continuous improvement. By evaluating what methods proactively identify risk and correction, we are able to establish personal ownership of safety, provide tools and resources and incorporate engagement of top management.

We create shared value with our customers through an unparalleled understanding and rigorous practice of safety protocol. Customers place great emphasis on the safety performance of their contractors and conduct in-depth reviews of internal safety programs, as well as the cost and benefits of establishing a strategic partnership. Kurita America is committed to fostering a healthy and safe work environment. Our organization is continuously transforming processes to improve the overall health and safety culture throughout the company.

At Kurita America, it is our employees and their commitment to our values that ensure our ability to conduct business in a safe and efficient manner.