Your Performance Index: Should You Be Cleaning Your Filter Media?

Should you be chemically cleaning your filter media? This may sound like something that could be beneficial, but it may not be right for your filter. This is especially true if you have Greensand™ or Ironman Sand™ filter media.

Greensand and Ironman media are coated with manganese dioxide which, when charged, oxidizes manganese as water flows through the filter. Unfortunately, chemicals that are used to clean media of other precipitated compounds such as calcium and magnesium hardness deposits, will remove the coating on the Greensand™ or Ironman Sand™. For this reason, we strongly recommend against chemically cleaning filters that have Greensand or Ironman.

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U.S. Water’s Performance Index series is designed to share operations and maintenance best practices with plant personnel. The more our customers know about how to maintain and protect their systems, the more they can safeguard against system failures or efficiency issues.

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