System Refurbishment Provides Cost Savings and Improved Performance

It quickly became apparent to the new operator at the Goldfield, Iowa plant that their current water treatment system was not running efficiently. They decided to contact Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand, to request a service visit to troubleshoot some high service pumps. The service trip report recommended a refurbishment due to the age of the media and resin, as well as issues relating to vessel flow and performance.

During the refurbishment process it was discovered that the media in the Dualator® VI system had grown approximately a foot, indicating that there were deposits. These deposits, consisting of iron, calcium and organics can often be managed with persistent backwashing; however, once deposits have accumulated to this extent, media replacement is recommended. It was also determined that approximately half the resin in the RidION™ ion exchange system had been lost, requiring regeneration twice as often. 

The plant upgrade included replacement components and removal and replacement of the media and resin. The system upgrade allowed for decreased backwash frequency and optimized resin regeneration, creating cost savings through the reduction of water use. Prior to the updated system commissioning, customized training was also administered to plant operators. They were given an overview of the system and equipment, instructions on system bypass during the construction phase, demonstration of the shutdown process, education regarding disinfection procedures and start-up assistance. The refurbished Goldfield system has been running optimally since its commissioning in 2019.

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