U.S. Water Reports™ – A Web Based Reporting System

In our continuous effort to assist our customers in maximizing the potential of their water treatment systems, U.S. Water completed a major upgrade to the web based U.S. Water Reports system. The modernized look and feel not only provides a more efficient experience to users, but it also provides a platform to build upon in the future.

U.S. Water Reports is a user friendly website designed to securely store your water treatment system data. With 24/7 internet accessibility and real time availability of operator logs and service reports, it is an excellent way to monitor and control your water treatment program. This system allows U.S. Water to hone in one the best water treatment program for your application. By combining data collection from user input and controllers, your and U.S. Water can receive real time notifications of developing conditions allowing you to resolve issues before they come problems.

The application is an ideal data management tool of day to day water management testing. Gone are the days of crumpled, handwritten data logs. U.S. Water Reports allows you to unlock valuable analysis from the testing already being performed for your water treatment program. You and your U.S. Water representative customize the application to meet your specific needs.

In addition to the modernized look and feel, other notable new features include an improved document repository to share and store related documents between you and your U.S. Water representative. We have also added a quick overview as to the operation of a particular system.

One U.S. Water Reports user stated, “I find U.S. Water Reports to be a useful tool in my dealings with my U.S. Water rep. I can file my reports, whether it be on chillers, steam generators, or my cooling towers and my rep can review them before his weekly inspection. I would recommend it to anyone involved with water treatment.”

We have preserved the existing features of the original U.S. Water Reports system. Operators enter related program information in a customized format to allow for notifications and detailed program analysis. Controllers may also be linked to U.S. Water Reports adding a 24/7 approach to monitoring your water treatment program. Chemical inventories can be logged and tracked either by users or online sensors to allow for dosage trending and automatic ordering.

This service is free to U.S. Water customers. To learn more about U.S. Water Reports and other automation solutions from U.S. Water contact your U.S. Water representative. The web based application requires no proprietary software; only a current web browser.

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