Water Softener System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

A water softener system is one of a facility’s the best methods of defense against scale formation due to hard water on heat transfer surfaces, such as heat exchangers and boilers. In addition to a savings in energy, water and chemical costs, a well maintained softener can extend piping and equipment life.

Some of the most common issues an operator may experience when maintaining water softener equipment is loss in softening capacity, hardness leakage and increased pressure drop. Although there are many factors that can result in these issues, the table below shares solutions to correct some of the most common causes.

Often times, a simple inspection and daily water hardness testing can prevent these issues and unscheduled downtime. If one of the issues highlighted above is noticed, the system operation should be thoroughly evaluated. An elution study can also be conducted to determine the efficiency of the regeneration process. For additional information about elution studies or softener maintenance and repairs, please contact your U.S. Water representative.


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