Your Performance Index: 7 Maintenance Tips for Your Air Supply System

Air Supply Systems consisting of compressors regulators, and receivers are a vital component to the successful operation of your water treatment equipment. To optimize air supply system performance, we’ve provided you with some maintenance tips to keep your system working efficiently. 

  • Oil should be checked daily and maintained at the proper level. Oil should be changed per manufacturer’s recommendation, usually 90 days or 500 hours. Refer to your Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manual.
  • Inspect your air compressor belts on a regular basis, they should be tight at all the times. Any squealing or other noise that occurs during start-up indicates a loose belt.
  • Belts should be replaced on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on the run time the compressor experiences.
  • Excessive cycling of the air compressor may indicate a leak in the air lines. This should be checked and addressed quickly as excessive cycling will shorten the life of your compressor.
  • The receiver must be drained of any condensate on a weekly basis.
  •  Air regulators should be checked that they are set at required pressure and any regulator filter elements inspected for debris.
  • Air intake filters should be checked and cleaned weekly and replaced as needed.
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U.S. Water’s Performance Index series is designed to share operations and maintenance best practices with plant personnel. The more our customers know about how to maintain and protect their systems, the more they can safeguard against system failures or efficiency issues.

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