Aftermarket, Consumable & Replacement Parts

The Kurita America team are experts in the field and highly trained in treatment plant operations. We offer replacement parts for virtually any water treatment plant by any manufacturer and can supply media, valves, meters, and control panels for any system. We also help to provide hard-to-find, obsolete, and long lead time parts. We will review your options and provide the most effective solution. With thousands of installations, we have the knowledge and expertise for the service you need – our business is water treatment. Whether or not you have a Kurita America system, we are here to help.

Aftermarket Sales & Service

Your potable water treatment facility is an important investment. We can help protect that investment for years to come. Aftermarket Sales and Service is continually offering new products and services to extend equipment life, reduce energy usage and replace end of life equipment. Our Field Service Programs provide our customers with the assurance that their water treatment systems are being looked after and performing as expected. Kurita America’s highly skilled field service personnel are trained to monitor, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain a variety of water system unit operations.

Parts & Services

  • Filter refurbishments and upgrades 
  • Inspection trips
  • Operator training
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Media analysis
  • Controls upgrades
  • Valve replacement
  • Filter media replacement
  • Chemical feed components
  • Filter plant component replacement

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