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Kurita America's clarification systems remove suspended solids, turbidity and other particulate from raw water supplies. Whether a traditional solids contact clarifier, high rate, inclined plate or other style, we have a complete clarifier product line and are able to  assist in selecting the best technology for your application. Kurita America considers water quality, available space and many other parameters when making equipment recommendations.

Most commonly used in food, beverage and animal processing applications, Kurita America offers a complete line of DAF Systems. Our systems include recirculation pumps, plug flow reactors, chemical feed and solids handling equipment. With construction available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel or even completely non-metallic construction, Kurita America can treat any type of wastewater.

Available options include external sludge recirculation for higher rise rates and internal sludge thickening for reduced footprint among many others. Available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel or exotic alloys.

  • Uni-Pac™: Whether incorporated in new or retrofit construction, Uni-Pac’s inclined plate technology offers better process control, higher throughput capacity, and increased treatment efficiency. The inclined plates are arranged in steep rows to avoid plugging issues commonly associated with flat plate designs, and the individualized plates can easily be inspected and removed for maintenance without draining the basin.

Customized for any tank size, our MechVac system features four main components to provide sludge removal in both directions: drive system, structural support, sludge removal cart and instrumentation. The system’s flexible drive mounting eliminates the requirement for an access bridge over the center of the tank and provides a cost-saving to the customer.

Kurita America's heavy metal removal treatment systems are designed to remove cadmium, chromium, nickel, copper, zinc and many other metals in a compact, easy to operate design. With a choice of hydroxide precipitation or other precipitation chemistries, even stringent permitted limits can be achieved. Ideal for the metal plating, semiconductor and medical device industries, these treatment systems can be designed for batch or continuous operation and treat as little as a few gallons per day to several hundred gallons per minute. The systems can be designed for manual operator control or completely automated with an integrated control system.

The Heli-Cone up-flow solids contact clarifier is a hydraulically driven system designed to maintain a rotating, “conical-shaped” slurry blanket. This minimizes the energy required to run the system as well as the mechanical problems associated with conventional clarifiers.

Ideal for lime softening and surface water clarification in high rate reactor design, our RotaClear provides high rate solids contact clarification in a continuous mixing environment with slurry recirculation of pre-formed floc for chemical feed optimization, followed by upflow clarification. 
Our traditional TriClear solids contact clarifiers include a compact footprint; enhanced coagulation; internal sludge recirculation, tapered internal flocculation and proven upflow clarification. The clarifiers combine mixing, coagulation, clarification and sludge removal, and can be constructed for steel or concrete basins.

Complete the clarifier system with solids handling equipment including storage tanks, gravity sludge thickeners, filter presses, pumping systems and other equipment to dewater collected solids.

SpiraClear is used to soften high calcium/low magnesium water by forming limestone pellets (instead of sludge) as the pH-adjusted water travels upward in a helical flow pattern, eliminating salt waste that is created from regeneration.