DReeM Polymer™

Innovative Solution to Help Reduce Environmental Impact, Conserve Energy and Protect Your Facilities

DReeM Polymer is Kurita’s award winning Polymer Technology that has the ability to remove silicate and hardness scale from boiler surfaces up to 4 times more efficiently than conventional polymers. 

Kurita's DReeM Polymer, which stands for Dispersion and Removal effect Management, is a unique chemistry developed to maximize heat transfer surface cleanliness and efficiency, and minimize fuel costs in low to medium pressure boilers. This award winning technology is unparalleled as an on-line cleaner of silica and iron silicate boiler deposits, and has won multiple energy conservation awards, named the most effective silica dispersant available for high temperature applications. It is also highly effective at dispersing silicate compounds and preventing calcium hardness deposition.

Not only do boiler treatment blends using DReeM Polymer maximize efficiency on boilers with well-maintained pretreatment equipment, they also provide outstanding heat transfer surface cleanliness for systems with occasional pretreatment system upsets, as well as on-line cleaning of systems which are recovering from hardness upsets. DReeM Polymer has the effectiveness of EDTA chelants without the corrosion concerns and meets the requirements of 21 CFR 173.310, so it can be blended into formulas intended for use in food plants.

Key Benefits of DReeM Polymer

  • Enhanced prevention and rapid removal of scale
  • FDA compliant for a variety of industries
  • Online cleaning during normal system operation
  • Energy savings and CO2 reduction
  • Fuel cost reduction from improved boiler efficiency
  • User-friendly and easy handling