S.sensing® CS

Wastewater Monitoring System For Real-Time Monitoring and Dosing Control

Kurita’s S.sensing CS system is an automatic, chemical injection monitoring system to control coagulant for optimum results. The S.sensing CS system ensures correct dosage of treatment, reduced labor costs and sludge disposal, consistent effluent quality, reduced surcharges and more!

Personalized Water Management

This state-of-the-art monitoring system uses laser-based technology to accurately analyze and automatically adjust the dosage of water treatment, allowing for precise results and a more effective water treatment program. By ensuring the accurate chemical concentration is used and any excess or deficient water treatment is avoided, we create stability of operations and save you time and money.

S.sensing CS Advantages

  • Optimization of coagulant dosage
  • No overdosing or underdosing of chemical
  • Stable quality of treated water
  • Reduced cost of pH control
  • Reduction of sludge amount, decreasing sludge disposal cost considerably
  • Labor savings of water treatment operation
  • Total cost reduction

Future of Water Treatment

With the best equipment comes the best results. The S.sensing CS equipment supports efforts to proactively predict challenges, create more efficient water treatment specifications, and achieve higher productivity and reduce environmental impact. At Kurita America, we focus on optimizing the performance of your wastewater program. The S.sensing CS system is a valuable tool to identify challenging water issues, ensure same time optimum dosage, and promote a smooth and stable plant operation.