Potable Water

Kurita offers a number of water treatment solutions for potable water, whether treating natural source waters to potable standards, maintaining safe drinking water within a facility, or treating city water further for process or utility use.

Kurita America has over 2,700 equipment installations at municipal drinking water treatment facilities across North America, which supply industrial and commercial users as well as households. Because municipal water is a core competency, we understand how city water can vary from site to site. For private industry, Kurita’s water treatment solutions are essential to protecting product quality and utility assets while minimizing potable water withdrawals.

Kurita services the municipal drinking water market through our Tonka Water brand, a trusted manufacturer of customized treatment equipment since 1956. Learn more about our municipal drinking water solutions.

Kurita helps facilities uphold the safety of drinking water within their premise plumbing through secondary disinfection and other management strategies. Learn more about these solutions to confidently minimize your risk of exposure to waterborne pathogens, like Legionella.

Kurita offers scale and corrosion control solutions for potable premise plumbing systems to maintain flow and quality while protecting pipes. Contact our experts to find out more.


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