HMO Technology Used in Illinois to Reduce Waste

A new groundwater treatment system was needed in Chenoa, Illinois to replace an aging reverse osmosis system. A design build approach was used for this project, and Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand partnered with the engineer and local contractor to help design a high efficiency system that met the City’s needs. Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) technology was ultimately selected due to reduced waste, cost savings, and ease of maintenance. The new system also includes a VOC Stripper, OptaCell™ Plus pressure filter, and a FLUX™ Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration (RO/NF) membrane system, as well as full plant controls.

Treatment begins within the VOC stripper as water sprays over a bed of packing, with air blowing in the opposite direction. This process coverts hydrogen sulfide (H2S) into filterable sulfide particles and removes odor while offsetting the oxidation process. Next, an HMO feed is utilized for the treatment of radium. During this chemical addition, radium absorbs onto the HMO particles, which are later removed by the filter media. Water then passes through an OptaCell pressure filtration system, providing pre-treatment and removing sulfide particles and any remaining HMO particles. The OptaCell system includes an isolated cell design, providing operational flexibility as a cell can be removed from service as other cells remain in operation. The Simul-Wash backwash system is also included to enhance filter cleaning and significantly reduce backwash waste.

In the final stages of treatment, a FLUX RO/NF reverse osmosis membrane system is used to provide softening and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) removal. The filtration effluent is divided into two streams: one blended stream bypassing the FLUX RO/NF membrane system, and the second stream fed to the FLUX RO/NF system for more complete hardness and TDS reduction. The membrane bypass stream is then blended back with the aggressive membrane effluent stream to form stable product water for consumption.

Tonka Water provided a customized and integrated treatment system and guaranteed performance – from influent to finished water. The combination of aeration, detention, filtration and RO softening allows for a flexible and dependable water treatment system – and a single responsible manufacturer for training, warranty and plant operation consultation.

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