Could you Benefit from Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment?

Reverse osmosis is an effective process used to remove dissolved solids that lead to corrosion and scaling deposits in industrial water systems. It can also be used for desalination and removal of nitrates, chloride, and other inorganic compounds as well as softening applications in drinking water systems.

To support your RO system and water sources, pre-treatment through media filtration is often beneficial, especially if your system has the following physical properties or contains the following contaminants:

  • Dissolved iron
  • Dissolved manganese
  • Organic matter
  • Suspended solids.

When these conditions exist, membrane cartridges can become fouled, requiring more frequent cleanings and replacement.

Other common indicators that pre-treatment may be beneficial:

  • Premature fouling of membrane cartridges
  • Increased costs from additional antiscalant demand
  • Increased system costs associated with additional membrane cleanings and change outs

In summary, pre-treatment ensures that influent (feed water) is compatible with the membrane elements while extending the operating cycles prior to cleaning effectively extending the life of the membrane. It also boosts system efficiency, reduces lifecycle costs, and maintains your system’s integrity. 

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