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Kurita offers a variety of filtration options to remove precipitated or suspended solids from water sources. Our filtration systems are used to treat raw surface water or groundwater for use as industrial process water or municipal drinking water. They also provide additional pre-treatment for utility water, like cooling tower makeup and boiler feed water, or higher purity needs. Filtration prevents fouling and solids buildup in your water systems and equipment assets, allowing them to run smoothly and reliably for longer durations. Our systems include PLC-driven control panels for fully automated operation in service and cleaning modes.

Kurita’s filtration systems are often utilized for the following applications:

  • Utility water pre-treatment (i.e. cooling water, boiler feed)
  • Cooling tower side-stream filtration
  • High purity or ultrapure water (UPW) 
  • Raw water treatment (surface water, groundwater)
  • Municipal drinking water
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Water reuse

Kurita offers several types and configurations of media filters with options and features to accommodate any application. Our filters incorporate media suitable to the application, including single or multiple layers of silica sand, anthracite, GreensandPlus, pyrolusite, garnet sand, and specialty proprietary types like IMAR™, IMAX, and IronMan™.

  • Biological Filters: Media filters can be operated biologically to treat common groundwater contaminants, like iron, manganese, and ammonia, without chemical oxidants. Benefits of biological treatment often include reduced chemical consumption, increased filter run lengths, and greater finished water stability for ease of disinfection. Contact us to learn how your application might benefit from biological filtration.
  • Gravity Filters: Gravity filtration allows for smooth flow with minimal disturbance of formed solids, which can be sheared through mechanical pumps and turbulent flow. Operators enjoy ease of access, whether for observation during treatment or maintenance while out of service. Kurita America’s line of gravity filter products and features provide a range of design possibilities:
    • Centralator™: center control column 4-cell cluster filter
    • Filtralator™: steel or aluminum fabricated multi-cell filter
    • Dualator™ Series: packaged groundwater treatment systems
    • UTS™: packaged conventional treatment system
    • BLEU™: stainless steel underdrain system
    • Uni-Cast™ II: monolithic underdrain system
  • Pressure Filters: Pressure filters are implemented into a pressurized flow stream, allowing for continuous treatment from source to finish without additional stages of pumping. The forced flow can overcome greater head-loss to accommodate more solids loading and higher-rate applications to optimize operation and equipment sizing. Our pressure filter systems are customizable and include options for underdrain type, multi-cell configuration, and skid mounting. Kurita America’s pressure filter product line includes the following equipment and features:
    • VertaCell™ vertical pressure filters
    • OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filters
    • OptaCell™ Plus  isolated cell configuration
  • Simul-Wash: Kurita’s Simul-Wash is an advanced backwashing technology that provides optimal cleaning of media filters while minimizing water waste. Learn more about Simul-Wash or contact us to find out how it can benefit your media filtration application.

Kurita offers membrane systems, including ultrafiltration (UF) for enhanced particle removal and reverse osmosis (RO) for dissolved solids reduction. Our products include standard systems for smaller pre-treatment applications and custom configurations for large capital projects. We also offer a full line of membrane treatment chemicals. Learn more about our membrane systems or contact our experts to discuss your opportunity.

Our packaged systems combine reaction processes, like aeration, coagulation, and detention, with media filtration into a single integrated treatment unit. These gravity systems are readily accessible, whether for inspection during treatment or maintenance while out of service. Our packaged filtration systems include:

  • Dualator® Series
  • Unitized Treatment System (UTS®)

Filtration systems often rely on successful oxidation and coagulation for particle formation while sometimes incorporating sedimentation to relieve solids loading. Kurita provides the following equipment to compliment our filtration systems, meeting the needs of any treatment application:

Kurita offers a variety of standard filtration systems and related equipment, including consumables and replacement parts. Download our latest catalog to learn more about about these products:

  • Cartridge filters
  • Filter housings
  • Filter media
  • Strainers
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Media filters
  • GAC filters
  • Point-of-use filters
  • RO/NF membrane systems
  • Controllers