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Kurita America’s packaged equipment solutions for industrial and municipal drinking water applications combine multiple aspects of a complete treatment system for ease of installation and reduced footprint. Our offerings range from individual treatment units that integrate multiple processes to prefabricated water treatment plants. Packaged systems can streamline project delivery by reducing on-site work while simplifying operations.

Packaged Equipment Solutions

Kurita America’s Dualator® products provide robust groundwater treatment while managing spatial constraints. Dualators are fully enclosed with large, lever-operated manways for ease of access. Our three standard models each offer different benefits and the ability to customize around your specific needs. Common treatment applications include water containing iron, manganese, arsenic, and radium.

  • Dualator I contains aeration and media filtration in a low-profile unit with simplicity of design. This design is ideal for iron removal applications without manganese present.
  • Dualator III comprises aeration, detention, and media filtration in a low-profile design. This configuration has a static mixer with multiple chemical feed points and a baffled detention chamber with sludge removal mechanism.
  • Dualator VI includes aeration, detention, and media filtration in a high-profile design with compact footprint. The stacked configuration allows for higher efficiency aeration options as well as in-service backwashing.

EnergyOUT is an integrated membrane pretreatment system and chemical boiler feed program to maximize operating efficiency. Besides significant cuts in fuel and energy use, our customers often benefit from reduced chemical consumption, increased cycles (less water and waste), longer asset life, less downtime, and better steam quality. Kurita works within your existing operating budget to provide this complete boiler solution at a set, monthly price that includes equipment lease, boiler and membrane chemicals, consumables, and field services. Learn more about EnergyOUT, or contact our experts to explore the potential savings for your boiler system.


Kurita America’s prefabricated treatment plants are designed to your specific requirements and delivered to your site fully plumbed and wired for ease-of-installation onto a concrete foundation. All units include HVAC, motor control systems, and other necessary appurtenances for a fully functioning treatment plant. The building enclosures are designed appropriately to accommodate local climates and building codes. Depending on your needs, Kurita offers:

  • Water-in-a-Box is a containerized treatment system with a basic enclosure and plain exterior.
  • Delivered Treatment System (DTS™) offers multiple options for building finish, including exterior siding and shingles. This solution is most appropriate for public spaces or sites demanding greater aesthetic appeal.

Kurita America's UTS combines flocculation, sedimentation, and media filtration into a single unit. This conventional treatment solution is ideal for surface water or complex groundwater sources. These systems are customizable in overall dimensions, stages of flocculation, enhanced sedimentation, solids purging, and filter configuration.

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