Is Sludge Thickening Worth the Effort?

Most wastewater treatment facilities benefit from sludge thickening operations. However, determining if sludge thickening is worth the time and effort isn’t quite as simple. Understanding your facilities treatment process and implementing a solids management plan will help to simplify the answer. 

Execution of a solids management plan will require the consideration of facility goals, available technology and practical factors that require review.  


  • Facility Goals:  Identifying your facility goals such as Improved Total Cost of Operation (TCO), Improved Budgetary Planning, Replacing Obsolete Equipment, Odor Control and other goals are an essential part of developing a solids management plan.           
  • Available Technology: A variety of sludge thickening technologies are available; including DAF’s, Automated Control Systems, Centrifuges, Gravity Belt Thickeners and  Specialized Polymers. Evaluating which technology best meets your facility goals should also be included.    
  • Examination of Practical Factors:  Power demand, labor requirements, regional weather, required solids concentration, capital budget, and operational costs are just a few items that need to be considered.  

Is sludge thickening worth the time and effort?  Possibly. Creating a solids management plan with the help of a water treatment expert will allow you to make an informed decision. Kurita America can assist you with evaluating your current solids management plan or assist in the development of one.

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