Missouri City Ensures Compliance through HMO Technology

The city of Bonne Terre, Missouri, had plans to use groundwater from four different wells with varying levels of contaminants. A plan was needed to successfully treat the radium, iron and manganese detected in these sources at two separate sites. With an interest in pre-formed Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) technology, the city made the decision to work with Tonka Water, a Kurita brand, to conduct a pilot study that would verify the technology and ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Upon the successful completion of a pilot study, Tonka Water, a Kurita brand, provided two identical systems for both sites, each system including two OptaCell Plus™ horizontal pressure filters with TonkaBlend™ pre-formed HMO™ delivery systems.

This Ra-Mox™ treatment process incorporates a chemical addition that includes pre-formed HMO, pressure detention and filtration using Tonka Water’s non-accumulative IMAR™ media. IMAR media is engineered to provide uniform interstitial openings in the filter bed, promoting the capture of solids throughout the entire depth of the bed. The pre-formed HMO technology for radium removal ensures uniform mixing and proper delivery of the pre-mixed HMO slurry solution. The TonkaBlend  system standardizes this process, allowing the operator to easily make a consistent concentration of stabilized HMO solution, then feed the slurry solution with minimal chemical exposure.

The OptaCell Plus horizontal pressure filter is designed with isolated cell compartments, allowing for each filter cell to be backwashed, or taken completely off-line, while the other filter cells remain in service, providing increased operational flexibility.

Tonka Water, a Kurita brand, provided a customized and integrated treatment system, resulting in exceptional performance. Since commissioning in 2017, the treatment process has been highly effective for both plant sites with water effluent meeting current EPA standards for radium, iron and manganese.

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