U.S. Water Supports the Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve in West Palm Beach, Florida

In September 2018, the Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve expanded its habitat garden with the help of U.S. Water and Area Manager Justin Treece. Justin and other local volunteers planted trees native to the area and the everglades in the Preserve’s growing habitat garden. The Preserve is an expansive wetlands ecosystem that serves as the freshwater supply for the City of West Palm Beach, South Palm Beach and Palm Beach Island. The trees, purchased with the help of U.S. Water, will help attract wildlife to the Preserve that will continue to sustain this important ecosystem.

Justin Treece, who’s has been in the water treatment industry for 11 years and frequents the preserve with this family, understands the importance of protecting freshwater resources like Grassy Waters.

See the full news report from WestPalmTV below.

U.S. Water empowers our organization and its employees to have purposeful expressions of generosity through the sharing of our time and resources with our Changing the World program. We are honored to support Grassy Water Everglades Preserve, and their mission.

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