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When Do You Need to Replace Your Filter Media?

Filter media has a typical life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. The life span of your media may vary based on your raw water quality and filter maintenance, as consistent maintenance can prolong the life of your media. Signs that you may need to replace your media are often indicated in your system performance.

  • Has the performance of your system decreased?
  • Has your contaminant removal rates declined?
  • Are you backwashing more frequently?

Understanding the quality of your filter media will help to recognize various performance and operational issues. In addition to inspecting your media for mudballs or bacteria growth, you can have your media analyzed to measure its effectiveness. U.S. Water provides media analysis for both filters and softeners. Taking an accurate core sample of your media is a critical first step in evaluating its quality. Follow the easy steps below to take a core sample.

  • Backwash your filter.
  • Drain the water out.
  • Push a 1¼” or 1½” tube that is 4’ to 6′ long into the bed and remove media from the tube
  • Push the tube into the same hole until the tube bottoms out at the gravel. A minimum 1-quart sample is necessary for an accurate analysis and multiple core samples may need to be taken throughout the media bed.

If you determine that you do need to replace your media, it would also be beneficial to service your underdrain and airwash systems during this time as they are not often accessible for inspection. Have additional questions? Contact us or learn more about internal filter maintenance.