3 Things You Need to Know About Traditional Greensand Media

Greensand media has been incorporated into countless filters due to its flexibility and efficient iron and manganese removal in both the municipal and industrial markets. This user-friendly media is commonly found in horizontal pressure filters, vertical pressure filters and in gravity filters where iron is the primary contaminant to be removed. Greensand Media is versatile, able to also extract manganese, hydrogen sulfide, radium and arsenic contaminants as well, making it a popular filtration option.

As the demand for Greensand grew, demand outweighed the supply that was currently available. GreensandPlus™ became a popular substitute, as the only alternative media that could be used as a replacement. GreensandPlus could be used in the same operating systems and chemical feeds as traditional Greensand Media, with matching service rates and run times. It was soon discovered that this alternative option could also handle lower dissolved solids, higher temperatures and at a higher differential pressure limit.

  • Traditional Greensand has a differential pressure limit of 8 psi for pressure filter applications. Exceeding this limit may damage your media. (Note: GreensandPlus, the newer generation is less sensitive to differential pressure).

  • The optimal pH range for traditional Greensand is 6.2 to 8.5. Raw water with a pH lower than 6.2 can remove the Greensand coating, damaging your media and its efficiency. A simple pH adjustment could prevent your media from needing to be replaced.

  • Regeneration of traditional Greensand every six to twelve months with permanganate is recommended, even if your system is performing optimally. This will ensure the manganese dioxide coating remains intact for contact oxidation. The process of regeneration will recondition the bed, extending the life of your system.

Traditional Greensand media and GreensandPlus require periodic maintenance. We recommend recharging your media once or twice a year to maintain optimal performance. Have additional questions about regeneration of your Greensand media? Contact Kurita America, or our Aftermarket Sales and Service Team, for any filter or maintenance needs.

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