Acting Today with a Responsibility for Tomorrow

At Kurita America, we are starting the new year with a re-energized focus and commitment to doing our part in making the world a better place. It is our mission to help customers around the world by developing integrated and sustainable water-efficient solutions. Innovative water management is crucial to solving the environmental, social and economic issues that face us today. Together, we can transform water management for a better 2021.

Kurita America’s cost-efficient, sustainable solutions save you money while focusing on immediate and long-term ROI that reduce the amount of water and energy needed for production. Environmentally sustainable product development is also a priority at Kurita America. We offer a variety of products to meet your environmental permit requirements and LEED certification to lessen pollution and reduce water use. Socially sustainable solutions include areas where Kurita’s accumulated technologies and expertise can make a difference with issues facing the world today - such as the lack of freshwater, water pollution and waste.

Kurita America combines chemical, equipment, engineering and service into an integrated approach that allows us to manage your systems as one. We create a personalized solution to solve your plant’s most challenging water, energy and compliance problems, resulting in exceptional value for you while changing the way water and natural resources are used.

Examples of how we can help you

  • Automation & monitoring packages, used to help users visualize system performance, anticipate and address operational issues before they become system failures, and gain deep insights to possible opportunities to be better tomorrow than today.

  • Boiler and cooling chemistries, to remove and prevent scale and corrosion in your system that reduces water and energy use.

  • Resource engineering services find ways to reduce, reuse or eliminate wastewater.

  • Emission control chemistries for process side biofuels production.

  • Water Reuse and Reclamation designed systems for a variety of industries, often involving different wastewater streams, to reduce water use, eliminate discharge or conserve freshwater resources.

Examples of unique, sustainable products

  • Kurita's Cetamine® is an all-organic, film forming amine technology that provides corrosion and deposit protection in steam generators, hot water boilers and closed systems. The resulting boiler blowdown reduction and heat transfer improvement yield significant savings in water and energy costs.

  • Kurita's DReeM Polymer™ is an FDA compliant Polymer Technology that has won numerous conservation awards, including being named the most effective silica dispersant available in high temperature applications. It provides substantial energy savings and CO2 reduction with increased boiler efficiency.

  • Kurita's Kuriverter® IK110 is a unique biofilm control agent that reduces energy costs by cleaning RO membranes without conventional disinfection chemicals nor system downtime, through continuous online dosing.

  • Kurita America’s EnergyOUT™ RO technology removes dissolved ions in boiler feedwater, resulting in enhanced plant sustainability from lowered fuel demand, carbon emissions, chemical use and water discharge.

  • PhosZero™ is Kurita America's non-phosphorus cooling tower corrosion inhibitor that is environmentally friendly, without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies.

  • Kurita America’s Simul-Wash™ is a combined air and water backwash system that uses about half the amount of backwash water as conventional backwashing systems. This unique water conservation features of Simul-Wash allow for reducing wash water consumption and operating expenses.

Whether your goals are sustainability, regulatory, corporate responsibility or operational efficiency, Kurita America has the right solution for your specific needs. For more information on Kurita America’s sustainability initiatives visit or contact us today.

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