This is Only the Beginning

Have you heard the exciting news? In March 2019, U.S. Water joined the North America Kurita Group, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of water treatment solutions. This partnership has expanded U.S. Water’s integrated solutions platform, giving us the opportunity to offer Kurita’s patented, award winning technologies­­ to our customers. We are happy to introduce the following new technologies:

Cetamine®: Provides total protection of steam generators, hot water boilers and closed systems using an organic film with a low impact on feed water and boiler water conductivity.

DReeM Polymer™: Exclusive chemistry that optimizes heat transfer surface cleanliness and efficiency, while minimizing fuel costs in small or medium sized pressure boilers.

Kuriverter® IK-110: This chemistry maximizes operational capabilities and consistent flow in Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Targeting biofilm, this product decreases pressure drops stabilizes salt rejection and reduces operation and energy costs.

Ultra Series®: This sprayed dried version of standard boiler and cooler treatments, reduces environmental hazards, chemical handling requirements and eliminates drum disposal and chemical waste.

This is only the beginning! As we continue to grow with the Kurita Group, our product and service platform will continue to grow as well. 

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