New System Increases Water Savings Following Natural Disaster in New Jersey

Long Beach Township is mostly located on a barrier island in Ocean County, New Jersey. After Hurricane Sandy left much of the area underwater, significant reconstruction was necessary, which included a new Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The need for new construction also presented an opportunity to upgrade with better technology, increasing overall operational efficiency.

The township first became acquainted with the Tonka Water Brand back in 2005. They were exploring ways to reduce backwash waste at their Brant Beach WTP, hoping to mitigate costs associated with waste discharge to the regional water authority. Ultimately, the existing horizontal pressure filter was retrofitted with Simul-Wash™, while two additional filters were added to increase treatment capacity. Incorporating the Simul-Wash process allowed for tripling the WTP capacity while increasing waste by less than 50 percent, saving millions of gallons of water annually.

Pleased with the performance of the Brant Beach WTP upgrade, the Township was happy for Kurita America to provide similar treatment equipment at the new Beach Haven Terrace WTP. The new system includes three (3) 12’ diameter by 31’ long OptaCell™ dual media filters with Simul-Wash combined air/water backwash to realize even more overall water savings. The new WTP was commissioned in 2017 and has been producing quality drinking water ever since.


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