Customized Solution Provided in Illinois to Treat Varying Water Quality

The city was in need of a new water treatment plant as the residents of Lexington, Illinois were experiencing tinted drinking water caused by organic materials in the water. Influent water is sourced from multiple wells, creating a level of complexity due to the unstable water quality. Due to the varying water quality, a customized solution was provided by Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand for the removal of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), iron, manganese and hardness. The new solution includes forced draft aeration, pressure filtration, detention and ion exchange, as well as full plant controls. The new treatment system provides four treatment processes within one system, with system responsibility held by one manufacturer.

The treatment process begins with aeration, providing iron oxidation. Water then flows to detention, allowing time for the iron to oxidize. Next, water flows through an OptaCell Plus™ pressure filter for the removal of iron and manganese. The OptaCell Plus filter is designed with isolated cell compartments above and below the underdrain. This innovative filter cell design allows for an individual cell to be backwashed or taken completely off line while the others remain in service. Each filter cell supplied includes the Simul-Wash™ backwash system, reducing backwash waste and providing cost savings. The next stage of treatment occurs as water flows through four RidION™ ion exchange softener vessels treating water hardness, followed by an Organix™ system for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal prior to plant distribution.

The Lexington plant is meeting expectations since commissioning in 2017. We are proud to have assisted in providing the community with high quality drinking water.

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