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How to Select Your Pilot Study Resource

How do you know if you need a pilot study? If you do need a pilot study, how can you ensure it will be effective? Pilot studies are often used to validate or optimize a treatment process or technology and can provide the data needed for process design or state regulatory approval. Because all water sources are different and respond differently to treatment, design should begin with a complete water analysis. [...]

How to Avoid an Iron Related Bacteria Failure

Iron Related Bacteria (IRB) is a non-disease producing bacteria that can occur in a water supply when water carries bacteria from the well into treatment systems. While IRB contamination isn’t harmful, it can be nuisance. Iron bacteria are small living organisms that naturally occur in soil, groundwater, and surface waters. Iron bacteria is often found in close proximity to the well screen. The [...]

City Takes Advantage of Innovative Pre-Treatment Process to Rejuvenate Aging Plant

The utilities superintendent for the City of Savage, MN reports that an innovative, custom pre-treatment system in a well water treatment plant, for the removal of iron, manganese and radium, has keyed the rejuvenation of an aging plant back to reliable full service capability, all within the same footprint. He also notes new savings on both pre-treatment and polishing chemicals. The new pre-treatment system [...]