Kevin Brown Wins 2018 Paul Cohen Award for International Water Conference Presentation

U.S. Water Area Manager Kevin Brown recently received the 2018 International Water Conference (IWC) Paul Cohan Award for his 2018 presentation titled, Decreasing Filterable Iron Levels in an Air-cooled Condenser at a Combined Cycle Power Plant. IWC will present Kevin with his award during the 2019 conference in Orlando, Florida.

Each year IWC recognizes the author of the most precise and innovative presentation in the field of power systems water technology with the Paul Cohan award. The award is a memorial honoring Paul’s contributions to the power generation industry.

Kevin chose to write his paper, along with his co-author Pat Mongoven, on an issue that he had detected in a plant so others could benefit and be guided by his observations.

“In receiving this award, it recognizes that innovative concepts and sharing ideas with others is valued, so that we can advance as a society. I have learned a lot from the various IWC conferences I have attended and am grateful that I could give back.”

IWC has been providing technical formats on industrial water treatment issues for 79 years. This conference provides a format for users and suppliers to highlight critical issues to the industry so that we can learn and progress as a society.

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